Posted by: Gavin Lehmann | June 2, 2009

Project Natal, Projet Arsewipe more like

So, E3 is in full swing now and it’s all looking very shiny. Lots of cool (and in some cases diturbing) game ideas. But one patricular anoucement has really got my goat up. ‘Project Natal’, now we can remove the one barrier between the user and the video game, the controller. Well, I like my controller thank you very much, “a revolutionary new way to play where the only experience you need is life experience”, and a fully ambulatory body.

If this takes off (and I sincerely hope it doesn’t) and it becomes the defacto in video game control then I, and many other people, are stuffed. And all for people who didn’t pick up a control pad until they decided they needed a £70 set of scales and a bunch of crappy carnival games.

Another problem, who really has room where they play video games currently (or where they will play games when they inevitably decide that although they’ve always sworn off games, this one looks like a lot of fun, and tim from accounting is getting one and I can’t have HIM getting one but not me). I mean sure, you can move your furniture to play your games, and then move them all back again, but can you REALLY be bothered? Just so you can play for 10 minutes on jump-like-a-loon or break-your-face, I don’t think so. Of course you’ll already have bought two by the point you realise (just in case granny breaks one).

It does look like it may be fun in spots but ultimately, I hope it fails.




  1. eh. funny ))

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