Posted by: Gavin Lehmann | June 6, 2009

Oh Post Office, where did it all go so wrong?

I’ve been getting really annoyed with the Post Office recently. Why do I always hear them trying to sell people stuff? “Have you heard about our new bank account?” or “Would you be interested in our new credit cards?” when did the Post Office stop being a place that just deliverd stuff on time (well, vaguely on time) and start trying to be a bank/supermarket/insurance salesman?

Yes, you’ll hear people saying ‘They need to diversify, expand their market’ but surely you should ensure that you do your primary job first, you make it your priority. You don’t hear the banks trying to sell you a cheap package deal to the Bahamas everytime you  you go in to make a deposit (god knows they need to concentrate on being a bank first, and they’re still struggling with just being a bank at the moment).

The real gripe I have is when they ask me ‘Would you like to insure your parcel?’ Hmm, I don’t like where this is heading. ‘Why would I need it insuring?’ ‘In case it gets lost or damaged in transit.’ So let me get this straight, you want to know if I’d like my parcel insuring, in case you, the people that are supposed to be deliveing my mail safely, don’t do your job properly? Now does this seem ludicrous to anyone else?

In what other job would the person doing it ask the person they were doing it for if they’d like insurane on the off chance that they screw up? Do you ever hear a window cleaner asking ‘Would you like to pay me an extra fiver in case put my fist through your window?’ or being asked at the Zoo reception ‘Would you like to pay an extra £10 for insurance in case one of the Lions breaks out and starts to eat you daughter for dinner?’ No, because that would be ridiculous (not the example about the Lion, that could happen).

Post Office, I implore you, please stop trying to sell me things and start trying to do your job really well, please.


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