Posted by: Gavin Lehmann | June 6, 2009

The tale of my MS

I wrote this nearly a year ago now and it’s been sitting on Facebook ever since, I figured I shoiuld share with the wider world too…

Ok, the cake is a lie but the rest is true. It’s an epic on the story of my diagnosis of MS(no, I do not have Microsoft syndrom, I have Multiple Sclerosis. Not just any kind of MS though, the kind where if I touch you you get Aids. Then you die. And if I make eye contact, you turn into stone. For some real info on MS go to here if you don’t know what it is. Or if you thought any of that was even remotely true, please turn off your PC, because if you don’t, a child WILL die. Seriously, turn the pc off. Do it, do it now. Too late, they’re dead. Murderer. For those that are left, its story time, with uncle Gav…

We begin in the Christmas of 2005, My leg goes numb(no pain), after a few days I end up seeing an out of hours doctor, who diagnoses it as sciatica, Fair enough I though, clears up within a days. Life moves on…

April 06, I have an episode of optic neuritis, fun fun fun. I’ve got one eye that works fine, so all is ok, I have some double vision but i’m assured this is normal and it mostly clears up within 10 weeks. I carry on in my own little world(fun place, you should try it sometime lol) Until

Sept 06, I get numbness in both legs, go to my GP, slightly puzzled by this as I thought Sciatica only happened in 1 leg at one time, She refers me to a neuro. It’s at this time that I google optic neuritis and the first website the comes up is one for MS. Slightly worrying, but hey, it probably isn’t, right? lol

Oct 06, I see my neuro, who suggests that it might be MS, we’ll get you in for an MRI and LP if needed. I ask how long it might be till the mri, and he says not sure but the longest he’s seen it take is 16 weeks, could have it done with 6 weeks if i’m lucky. Awesome I think.

So time ticks by, so does winter too, until 7 months have passed. It’s April 07 by this point(In the intervening time i’ve had 3 further relapses, 1 in each arm, 1 in my legs, featuring my old friend numbness) And I finally have my MRI. A bit boring really, no where nears as cool as it looks on TV =( GP hasn’t been much use in this time either, I think she’s getting fed up of seeing me lol

Jun 07, I get a letter from my Neuro saying the mri showed “indication of what we suspected” By this point i’d figured and come to terms with the fact it was MS anyway, so no shock to me.

Sept 07 I have my lumber puncture(would’ve been august, but I forgot to give them an up to date address) Didn’t hurt, but the headaches whenever I stood/sat up did for a week. They left my medical notes on the table next to me, so I took a peek(as you do) couldn’t read most of it, but the results of the MRI were neatly typed up, And it basically said I had MS(i’m paraphrasing here, would’ve been funny if it had just said “basically, he’s got MS”) So it’s pretty much nailed on by this point(throw in a couple of extra relapses between MRI and now, 1 set of a completely numb leg during my driving test, which I failed, 1 set of bladder problems)

Oct 19th 07, Diagnosis date. My neuro is really good at breaking bad news, although I think it was helped by the way I just accepted it, what’s the point in getting depressed about something you can’t change?

So there you have it, my epic(told you it could make an awesome movie) Most of the symptoms completely cleared up, except the balance and bladder which are still rubbish, and my hands are still a touch on the numb side. Apologies for any spelling mistakes, and well done for bothering to read all the way to the end, now go read something interesting like a book 😛

In case you can’t tell, I take my MS quite lightly. I’m far too positive for someone in my situation, which is a good thing I think



  1. Again, fantastic, very useful to find out this stuff from someone (so I don’t have to ask my “crush”).

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