Posted by: Gavin Lehmann | June 8, 2009

Questions, questions, questions

A few queries to ponder:
-Why do hotels feel the need to attach the warning ‘Do not use in shower’ to their hairdryers? I mean really, why?
-Would I be me without my MS?
-Is my diagnosis with MS actually a good thing for me?
-Who first thought of adding chocolate to Hobnobs? They were perfect before surely?
-Who decided that a Tomatoe is actually a fruit?
-On a scale of 1-10, how would I rate my skill at cooking a roast dinner?
-What’s up with American spelling?
-What exactly posses someone to vote for the BNP?
-Is the a purple horned invisible Unicorn orbiting Pluto (which, by the by, should still be a planet)?
-How big is the universe?
Clearly, some big questions there (Parkinson’s got nothing on me). Answers coming next week



  1. -Because people, in general, lack logical thinking
    -toughie, I’d say you would be 99.9% the same you
    -for you to decide?
    -Agreed, they were perfect
    -Frit, Veg, who cares, either way no tomoto shall pass my lips
    -You would rate yourself 100/10 you bragger ;p
    -They are a simple race who needed spellings simplyfying for them, that or we just like to over complicated everything needlessly and keep it that way for the sake of “tradition”
    -No, she is pink
    -Approaching but not attaining infinity

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