Posted by: Gavin Lehmann | June 9, 2009

Life is a rollercoaster. Only Backwards.

A little simile/metaphor thing for you all =)

Having MS is a bit like going backward on a rollercoaster. You know that there are going to be ups and you know there are going to be downs, but you have no idea when they’re going to be. You’ve no hint of how big they will be or if the coaster is actually safe to ride on. Oh, and no you can’t get off. Everyone’s rollercoaster is different, some are much bigger than others and everyone reacts differently.

Imagine you’re a kid that gets put on the coaster blindfolded. You’ve no idea you’re on a coaster until your dad takes the blindfold off . You didn’t want to go on a rollercoaster today (or ever), the very idea terrifies you, but you’ve no choice in the matter. You were looking forward to some candy floss and the horsies ride. Plus coasters make you puke.

When you realise you’re  on a coaster you react, and all your friends will react differently to their coaster. A lot will cry and scream when they realise, others just sit there terrified. Some of your friends are relieved to know what all the bumping is, a lot will just want to get off. Some will suspect for a while that they’re on something, maybe not a coaster but something. One or two can barely tell anythings different, such is the tameness of their coaster. The odd (strange?) few will actually enjoy the ride, in a wierd sort of way.

All of their coasters are wildly different though, and don’t think that you can ever really understand what it’s like for them or think ‘I’ve had a similar thing happen to me’, you almost certainly haven’t. In fact, others kids on similar coasters can’t ever really say they’ve experienced the same coaster. Similar yes, but the same?

A lot of the coasters will have a few ups and lots of downs.Some start off with loads of ups and downs and then seem to become level for a while with the odd bump here and there. Others just seem to go down, getting faster and faster with no hint of an upturn or respite. A ‘lucky’ few have the odd bump, but nothing more, they may not even realise anythings different. They can even level off after a big drop, maybe go up a bit before dropping even faster, lower than ever before. There may be the odd loop, you think you’re going up only for the coaster to plunge you back below where you were to begin with.

Ultimately they all end up in the same place, it’s just how you react to your coaster that shapes your experience of it.

Gav =)


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