Posted by: Gavin Lehmann | June 13, 2009

The fat David Cameron and his even fatter face

It’s been just over a week now so things have calmed down somewhat about the whole BNP/EU parliment seats thing. Now I won’t go into the ridiculousness of the BNP, their policies or some of the complete chuff coming out of their mouths, they do a fine job of portraying themselves, they don’t need my help.

Just take a look at Nick Griffin

Nick Griffin

I know, not pleasent. Now lets take a look at David Cameron

David Cameron

See the similarities?

It's the Griferon

It's the Griferon

Twins seperated at birth? One ‘good’ one a homophobic, racist, biggot?

And another thing, don’t you want to just punch Nick Griffin in the face? Not kill him (he can be far too much entertainment) Just hard enough to break his nose or give him a black eye. Oh you do? the click here and come join like minded people on Facebook.

Tell your friends! Have Parties! Celebrate our mutual dislike for his face!


I must point out that there’s no ‘hatred’ here. Strong dislike but to truely hate something first you have to know it, no? And besides, if we all start preaching ‘hate’ towards the BNP does that not just make us as bad as them?

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