Posted by: Gavin Lehmann | June 15, 2009

Answers, answers, answers

Check out my earlier post for a bit of relevence

-Because stupidity knows no bounds. You think the universe is big? It’s nothing compared to the lengths stupidity will go to
-Nope, I’d be boring, ‘standard’, grey even. MS has given me a completely new perspective on life and in retrospect, I wouldn’t change a thing. Yes I’d love to be able to run, play Ultimate, see properly out my right eye, but I LOVE who I am 😉 (as should you)
-Better than not knowing, not being able to et help from the fantastic things the NHS does for me. So I’d have to say yes =)
-They were perfect and all you philestines that actually PREFER chocolate Hobnobs can just piss off =P
-I have no idea, but clearly they never actually tried one.
-8.5, could be better, but damn it’s nearly perfect 😉
-Could you please stop referring to it as English when it’s clearly ‘Americlish’
-Fear and loow IQ combine to for a very dangerous combination
-Well I believe it, and you can’t prove there isn’t. so there *sticks tongue out*
-Big, not as big as stupidity though

Check back next week for more of the big questions, Jaffa Cakes, cake or biscuit? How long is a piece of string? And how much wodd could a wood chuck chuck, is a wood chuck could chuck wood?

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