Posted by: Gavin Lehmann | June 25, 2009

Four new MS videos, questions, answers, man getting hit with football


I’ll do some more traditional posts soon, but first I have four new videos (I’m sick of looking at my face too).

1 – A re-edit of ‘How MS affects my life’

2 – Would I change the fact I’ve been diagnosed with MS?

3 – If I could change one thing about my MS what would it bet?

4 – How do I stay so happy, despite not knowing what the future holds?

You should be getting a better idea of what I’m like now 😉

Catch you later




  1. Hi Gav,

    Really good website, I was diagnosed in 1973; was a Trustee for the MS Society; did various money raising events in my earlier years from John O’Groats to Lands End by tricycle to twice around the world on aircraft in 5 days 12 hours for Stoke Mandeville.

    You could say my life has been MS so I know a bit about it. Your website is really the first successful attempt to answer some fundamental questions that especially the Newly Diagnosed and some long term members will be asking answers for.

    Well done and keep up the good work. Yes the answers are on the MS Website but they lack the face of a real sufferer giving conclusions about the way he went, well done.

    Sorry I personally do not believe in Mitox.

    • Glad you like the blog =) I try and bring a little ‘common sense’ to the whole MS thing and break down all the facts and figures for people.

      You sound like you were a little like the duracell bunny vs MS, good stuff. I’ve got some crazy abseiling/cycling Bradford to London fundraising thing in the works.

      I feel a little like my life is just becoming all about MS too. In all fairness, I’ve been wondering what I’m talented at for a while, and this could be it. Or I’ve just got a massive ego. I think it might be a bit of both really =)

      Mitox is a very personal choice, and it really isn’t for everyone. It took me and my fiancee a while to decide I should go for it, I made sure I had all the figures before I went with it. I’m not regretting the choice at the moment and I feel, come what may, I wouldn’t change that choice if I could make it again.

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