Posted by: Gavin Lehmann | July 24, 2009

So which one are you?

What does MS mean to people?

For some it’s that bogey monster that never really comes to get them, but scares them nonetheless

For others it’s that thing under the bed that comes for them all too often

For a lot it’s that feeling of being completely alone in the world

And for the unfortunate few, it’s that annoying relative that just won’t leave them alone, no matter where they go

For many it’s that feeling of being completely helpless, seemingly with no hope or escape

And for the brave ones, it’s that feeling of heading into battle. A battle that seems like there can only be one winner but they will fight until their last breath

So which one will you be?

Will you be the one that chooses to give in?

Or will you be the one that decides to  fight?



  1. I don’t know which one I’ll be, my friend, but you inspire me, that I know. You’re very funny and brave. I used to be funny, don’t know that I’m brave.

    • Hey Frank,

      Everybody can be the ‘brave one’, in fact it could be arhued you already are. MS can be a very, very scary thing for a lot of people, the whole fear of the unknown thing is just too much for them, it’s part of the reason, unfotunately, why people with MS have a higher suicide rate than the general populus. The mere fact that you’re still here would class you as brave in my book =)

      Just choose to fight and don’t give in =)


  2. It’s hard to choose to fight when you’re in chronic pain, Gav. I still haven’t found the right drugs for that. I have a little girl, it’s crucial that I do. Do you live alone? Are you still getting around OK? I see you can walk a mile. That’s good!

    • Chronic pain is the one thing I’m not sure I could deal with, that and blindness. Thankfully I live with my fiancee, and she’s a massive help. I get about okay, my legs feel a little like they’re in two buckets of sand of the moment, but otherwise not too bad. Only just made that mile, had to stop few times along the route, got there in the end though =)


  3. I’m glad you live with your fiancee! I have a loving wife, but this is of course very difficult for her as well, and for my little girl. Sand sounds good. Better than burning!

    • Aye, I’m ridiculously lucky in bring relatively pain free with my MS. My feet can be a little sensetive, but thats about it. MS can put a bit of a strain on relationships, certainly does on ours, still, getting there (if a bit slowly) =)


  4. Are you thinking about becoming a dad? Most wondrous thing in the world. Sand sounds OK, intense burning not so OK. You sound like you’d be a great dad, funny, positive, loving. I hope you go for it. By the way, my e-mail is and I have a Facebook page as well. Search Frank Feldman, the profile picture has my wife and little girl in it.

  5. I don’t twitter much, don’t really get it!

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