Posted by: Gavin Lehmann | August 5, 2009

Me and my Copaxone – Week two (and a bit)

Afternoon all,

So, I’ve had two weeks of taking Copaxone now and gotten into the routine of injecting in the evening in either my thighs or ample belly (must remeber to rotate). Rather than go through each day (lets face it, ‘Injeted today, stung a bit’ eight or nine times is a bit boring) describing each via the medium of smiley or not so smiley faces

Saturday =), Sunday =), Monday expressionless, Tuesday same thing (obviously went on his hols), Wednesday šŸ˜‰ (cheecky), Thursday =\, Friday =/, Saturday missed (wedding and much drinkypoos distracted me), Sunday =|, Monday =) and Tuesday =)

So, a clear indication of exctly what taking Copaxone is like =).

Generally I get some discomfort in my legs after injecting (little bit of muscle pain, not so bad) and a bee sting pain in my stomach when I inject there (although this has become less and less with subsequent injections).

It’s far too early doors to be expecting much from the Copaxone at this stage, and me having a relaapse in my legs hasn’t helped with that fact either. I’m off to see my neuro this afternoon for a check up on the injection sites and things and also to discuss the possibility to Tysabri, we shall see.

My updates have been a bit sporadic lately as I’ve just started a placement with a film/tv production company so I’ve got a lot less time on my hands. But (big news) I’m also helping out with a film for young people with MS. A lovely lady called Gloria is looking for short stories from young people (25 and under) with MS to create an inspiring short film.

If you’re 25 or under and live here in the UK then get in touch with her through gloriamorris251 at btinternet dot com and share your story!

I’ll catch you all later



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