Posted by: Gavin Lehmann | December 30, 2013

The past is in the past

Think of this post like my admission i have a problem. For too long in my life i have not worked hard, at anything, no I’ve just taken the easy option, but I will no longer coast through life.

I need to work hard at stuff, like my physiotherapy, something i haven’t done for over three months now and I can feel it. I have to stop making excuses to myself for not doing it and instead find solutions to do something and the same ethos can be applied to everything in my life.

Since i was five I’ve been a chronic under achiever, i look back on my life and I think i could have done so much more, worked so much harder, actually revised but what is in the past, is there, in the past. No all I can do now is move forwards, work hard and achieve what I’m capable of.

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