Posted by: Gavin Lehmann | January 8, 2010

Three pastries walk into a bar…

I hope you’re not snowed in at the moment, the country’all gone a bit ‘Day after tomorrow’ at the moment, but I digress.

I hope you all had a good Christmas/new years, mine was certainly better than last years which I got to spen in hospital, ahh, happy days. My MS has decided to remind me it’s still there with some delightful discomfort on the left hand side of my ribcage. Either it’s my MS or a heart attack, we shall see.

I’ve spent the last two weeks concentrating my not inconsiderable talents on three things. 1. the script for the film I’m directing next weekend, 2. my ‘creative’ CV and lastly (but most importantly) hugging Deb. Now, I can’t demonstrate either the first or third of those thingsm but I can show you my CV (it’s quite a big image, hence the link). As you can clearly see here you’d struggle to tell the two images apart.

Now, I must be off, it’s nearly lunch time and I’ve got a hot date with Mr. sponge and his delightful mistress Mrs. Plate.

Cya later!


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