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The inane ramblings and occasionally surreal thoughts about MS, life, superpowers and such like =)


  1. hi! i’ve seen Gav’s videos, and man you’r great!I’ve MS as well, and oddly i was diagnosed just when i received a fellowship to do my PhD on neurosciences.,.,weird -_-
    That’s life!then every single person was scared about what will I do.,.,.,so.,.,don’t panic!!I’ll do what i was suposed to do before the diagnosis, so I moved to other city (actually to an island) to do my research and I’m doing what I allways wanted to do.,., TO LIVE
    I’m injecting copaxone every day (actually every night).. nearly 6 months ago.,,.,I had all kind of experiences. But it’s nice when u go to a party and u bring your cooler with fresh beers and with your fresh copaxone.,., =)
    So.. keep on doing!I started to feel the superpowers!!!
    greetz from Spain

  2. Hey Gav – I came across your videos and blog. GREAT stuff. I’m with WEGO Health, and we just launched a new platform into private beta called It’s a free way for Health Activists (bloggers, community leaders, etc.) to create polished videos that are conversational in style. Would love to invite you to check it out and, if you’re interested, create a video with us. You own the video and we’ll put it up to get you more views at as well.

    The site is password protected, but you can sign in with username “hello” and password “welcome”. Check out the MS conversation about the decision to use an assistive device – features Lisa Emrich (, Marc Stecker ( and Amy Gurowitz (

    Clay Gran
    WEGO Health

  3. Hi, came across your site. I have MS and one of your vids about the ‘shift’ site was really helpful to me, thank you.

    Great blog!

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